New Patients

New Patients


If you are a new or existing patient, you may call 847-866-7846 to schedule an appointment.

What to bring to your appointment

Please bring a copy of your driver’s license, health insurance cards and a co-payment, if required by your insurance carrier.

If you have been seen previously for the same condition, please bring any related documents with you. These may include copies of imaging studies (MRI, X-Ray, CT Scan, Bone Scans), reports for your imaging studies if you have them, any operative reports or office visit notes that you have from prior providers.

Please also make a list of all current and past medical conditions (for example, high blood pressure, any kinds of cancer, etc.), any past surgeries that you have had and a list of the medications that you are currently taking.

Payment and Billing

You will be responsible for any co-payments you may owe at the time of your office visit. This can be paid with cash, check or major credit card.

If you are not sure if you are required to pay a co-payment, please contact your insurance carrier prior to your visit.

If you do not have health insurance, you will be responsible for the bill at the time of service.

At this time, Medicaid is not accepted.

If your injury is work related, you will need to present your claim number, the name and telephone number of a contact person for this injury and also the claim submission address at the time of your visit.

If your injury is a result of a motor vehicle accident, your auto insurance carrier will be billed. At the time of your visit, you will need to present proof of authorization, a claim number, the name of your insurance agent, their telephone number, policy number and also the claim submission address.

Patient Referral Form

If you are a doctor who is referring a new patient, please fill out the form below and sent it with the patient to their first consultation.

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